︎︎︎  On how to become a portal

About the residency at Veem House:

A research on how a body can house multiple identities. She makes an attempt to approach the image of what a person ‘should’ be more fluidly. How can you, bit by bit, let go of ownership of your own identity? How can you create space for a certain polyphony, ambiguity and inconsistency?

︎︎︎ showing at TAZ 2022

“On how to become a portal” is continuously intriguing, on the border of the obscure. To connect to the audience, Charlotte let’s the audience decide what she does. How she does it and for how long. Becoming an ever changing jukebox, whilst keeping the control,..”  - Daphne de Roo

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Researched in the autumn of 2021
Performer: Charlotte Gillain 
Concept: Charlotte Gillain
Coaching: Josefine Aavild Rahn, The Greenery
Filming and imagery: Alessio Reedijk
Special thanks to: Veem house for Performance